Make an appointment

An appointment for a general practitioner consultation can be made by contacting the practice by phone or, if you are registered at the practice, online by using our web agenda. To do this, click on the Web agenda icon on the home page.

An appointment for a telephone consultation or a visit can be made by contacting the practice by phone.

To schedule the office hours as well as possible, the practice assistant will ask you a number of questions. All our assistants are trained to estimate how quickly you should be seen during the consultation and by whom. Sometimes the assistant will be able to answer your request for help immediately, for other questions your doctor will call you back, or the assistant will schedule an appointment for a consultation. The assistant is (just like the general practitioner) obliged to always treat the information you provide confidentially.

To make good use of the time you have with your doctor, it helps to prepare your appointment. The doctor would like to know, for example, how long your complaint has been around, how it started, what influences the complaint, what you have already done, what your thoughts are about what is going on and what you think is best helped .

An appointment is, preferably, for 1 person and for 1 complaint. If you think you need more time, please state this when making the appointment by telephone. The assistant can then take this into account in the agenda.
If you use the web agenda and think you need more time, you can make 2 consecutive appointments.

It is usually preferable to see you in practice, because we have more extensive research options there. However, if you are unable to come to the practice, you can request a visit by telephone. If you want to see a doctor on the same day, we ask you to request a visit before 11 am.

The assistant can make an appointment with you for the telephone consultation hour. You will then be called back by the doctor, usually between noon and 2 pm.

Emergency situations

  • In an emergency situation during opening hours you call the emergency line via number 033 479 4094
  • In an emergency situation outside opening hours you call Emergency Care Centre Eemland via number  085 773 1100
  • In a life threatening situation you call 112




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