POH-somatics, practice nurse

In our practice, practice nurses Inge van den Bosch, Margot de Vor, Karin Senior en Hanneke Braun are working. They can be reached by telephone on number 033 479 4097

Every working day they have telephone consultation hours between 1 p.m. and 1.30 p.m.

They guide a number of patients in consultation with and under the supervision of the general practitioner. Their main tasks are explanation about illness and health, the functioning of medicines, encouraging people to eat healthily, exerce more and take medication properly and on time.

Diabetes Mellitus
People with diabetes are checked 3 times a year by the nurse and 1 time a year by the doctor. Use is made of an electronic patient file developed for this. For more information https://nl.portavita.com/

Elderly care
Where necessary, the nurse visits the elderly at home and together with them examines how home living is going. She checks, in consultation with the doctor and with the family, whether there are imminent health problems or if more help is needed.

Cardiovasculair disease and risk management
Every year all men over 55 and women over 60 receive a call for a small check-up to see if they run an additional risk of cardiovascular disease.

Patients who are already familiar with cardiovascular disease will, if no longer under the treatment of a specialist, be called by Karin Senior who will hold a special consultation hour for this.

Adult using medication for COPD are monitored. Lung function tests are also conducted.

Quit smoking
Many people who want to quit smoking discover how difficult that is. Together with you, the nurse can see which is the best way for you to stop smoking. Use can be made of medicines or nicotine replacement products.

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