The general practitioner or one of the other medical employees can choose to contact you through a videoconsult. In this way you don’t physically have to come to the doctor, but the doctor can still inspect you.

To do a videoconsult you need the following:

- A (laptop)computer with sound, a microphone and a webcam (the majority of laptops has this).  


- A mobile phone or tablet.


How does it work?

You will receive an invitation to the videoconsult from your healthcare provider by e-mail. In this e-mail you will be informed about the time at which your consult takes place and a link that brings you to the consult. (For example:

By clicking this link you will be forwarded to the internet or the Zoom-app, after which you will be put in the “waiting room”. There you have to wait until the person you have an appointment with “lets you in” for the actual consult.  


If your laptop uses the Google Chrome-browser or Microsoft Edge, it is possible to start the videoconsult directly in your browser. If you have a different browser, it is nessecary to download the needed software. If so, your browser will offer you to download the software, after which the installation can be initiated. If there is no automatic connection after the installation, you have to click the link in the e-mail again.

Starten zoom

Mobile phone or tablet

If you use a mobile phone or tablet, it is needed to download the Zoom-app first.  

If you have an Apple phone or tablet, you can download the app via:   If you have an Android phone or tablet, download the app via:


Starting the videoconsult

If the videoconsult has not been started from the side of the healthcare provider, you will be given the following notification (this notifiction may vary with different devices)

wachten op hostwachten op host

When the healthcare provider starts the consults, you will first be shown a page with an example of your own video-image before you partake in the video consult. In this page you can choose whether you want to join the consult with video-image straight away, or if you want to turn it on later in the consult. After confirmation you will be put in the “waiting room” until the healthcare provider starts the videoconsult.

join wait