I give permission

The National Exchange Point is an electronic healthcare infrastructure. It is a network healthcare providers can connect to. Using this network, they can consult medical information about their patients in each other's systems - 24 hours a day, seven days a week. The National Exchange Point was especially developed and secured for this purpose.

Your GP and your pharmacists can share important information about your health with other healthcare providers. But only with your explicit permission. And even with your consent these other healthcare providers may only view your data if it is necessary for your treatment.

You can read how this works in the folder "Your medical data available through the National Exchange Point (LSP)". This information is also available in Turkish and Arabic

Your consent is required to share your medical information. To know what you are giving permission for, it is important to first read the information from the brochure.

You can arrange your permission in several ways.


  • You log in to Volgjezorg using your DigiD to arrange your permission. Your registration then arrives at our practice via secure channels.


  • You can download, print, fill in and sign the consent form in your preferred language (Dutch, English, Turkish, Arabic).
  • You can also use the online forms of Volgjezorg.nl via the button "arrange permission without DigiD". After filling in the required data, the form can be downloaded and printed out and signed.
  • You can submit the completed and signed form to the assistant.


  • When you are at your doctor's office you can receive a consent form. You can then submit this completed and signed at the counter.

If you have any questions, please contact our practice or send an e-mail to permission@vogelplein.nl.